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Big Data computing and service is becoming a very hot research and application subject in academic research, industry community, and government services. Today, with the fast advance of big data science, analytics and technology, big data researchers and application professionals are able to access to diverse data mining and machine learning algorithms, open-source platforms & tools, and cloud DB technology and big data access technologies.

According to IDC's prediction in 2013, the market for big data will reach $16.1 billion in 2014, growing 6 times faster than the overall IT market. This kind of business analysis reports brings great business opportunities and strong research interests among both academic and industry communities. Recently, a number of IEEE international conferences are organized focusing on Big Data Computing, Big Data Sciences and Analytics, and Big Data Technology and Engineering. Since emergent big data computing and services can be used in many disciplines and diverse applications, including business management, library science, energy and environment, education, biomedical, and healthcare and life science, social media and networking, smart city and travel, and transportation, etc..

Establishing and conducting successful big data projects in different domain applications require the following essential and critical entities:

      -Various big data banks and resources with quality data collection, validation, evaluation and certification methods and standards.

      -Scalable and efficient big data computing services.

      -Well-defined domain-specific big data knowledge engineering and analytic intelligence.

      -Well-developed big data infrastructures supported with high-quality big data DB technologies and tools.

Unlike the other venues, this international conference is established to address the above needs for big data computing service researchers, domain-specific researchers, government agencies, and practitioners. The major objective is to provide a big platform for them to exchange innovation ideas and research results, share application experiences and lessons. Its major interests include big-data applications in various domains such as healthcare, business and financing, education and learning, social networks and media, smart environment, sensors and Internet of things as well as technology aspects such as computing services and architecture, modeling, data mining and analytics, and databases.

The three major objectives of this conference include:

      -Big Data Innovation of big data computing and service models, theories, tools, solutions and technologies.

      -Big Data and Service Sharing in big data banks and resources, portals, platforms, and open-sources, technology and tools.

      -Big Data Application in real world big data application service projects for major application domains, including energy and environment, medical and healthcare, library, social media and networking, and education.

This conference will include a three-day program with a well-defined track program, plus a number of invited keynote speeches from well-known speakers from the real world, as well as a CLOUD TECH SUMMIT with big data sessions.


Big Data research tracks:

‐ Computing and services

‐  Modeling, sharing technologies & platforms

‐  Databases, frameworks, and technologies

‐  Analytics, intelligence and knowledge engineering

‐  Data center enabled technologies

‐  Sensing & Internet of Things

‐  Networking and social networks

Big Data domain application tracks:

‐  Energy and environment applications

‐  Bio-medical and healthcare services

‐  Smart city and transportation

‐  Education and learning

‐  Business, finance, and management

‐  Library and information banking

‐  Social, media,  and government