Call For Papers

Call for Papers of IEEE BigDataService 2019

The Fifth IEEE International Conference on Big Data Service and Applications
April 4 – 9, 2019, San Francisco, USA

Big-Data computing and services have received significant attention in recent years. The IEEE BigDataService 2019 aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas, latest research results, and practice experiences and lessons learned. Its major objectives include big-data applications in various domains such as healthcare, business and financing, education and learning, social networks and media, urban and environment, sensors and Internet of things as well as technology aspects of big data computing and services such as computing services and architecture, modeling, data mining and analytics. The conference will be co-located with IEEE SOSE 2019, IEEE Mobile Cloud 2019, IEEE DAPPCON 2019 and IEEE Artificial IntelligenceTesting 2019
IEEE BigDataService 2019 will consist of main tracks and special tracks. The conference will include 3 International Workshops of Smart City Big Data Analysis, Big Data in Water Resources, Environment, and Hydraulic from Engineering, and Industry Big Data and Signal Processing. Workshop proposal is due 10/15/2018. The conference seeks the submission of high-quality papers limited to 10 pages (IEEE format) in length. All accepted papers will be included in the proceedings. Selected papers will be invited for extension and published in journals (SCI-Index).


  • Big Data Foundations
    • Foundational theoretical or computational models for big data
    • Programming models, theories, and algorithms for big data
    • Standards, protocols, and quality assurance for big data
  • Big Data Platforms and Technologies
    • Innovative, concurrent, and scalable big data platforms
    • Data indexing, cleaning, transformation, and curation technologies
    • Big data processing frameworks and technologies
    • Big data services and application development methods and tools
    • Big data quality evaluation and assurance technologies
    • Big data system reliability and availability
    • Open-source development and technology for big data
    • Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) platform and technologies
  • Big Data Analytics and Services
    • Algorithms and systems for big data search, analytics and visualization
    • Artificial Intelligence for big data and based on big data
    • Visualization analytics for big data
    • Knowledge extraction, discovery, analysis, presentation, and visualization
  • Big Data Applications and Experiences
    • Innovative big data applications and services in industries and domains e.g. healthcare, finance, insurance, transportation, agriculture, education, environment, multi-media, social networks, urban planning, disaster management, security
    • Experiences and case studies of big data applications and services
    • Real-world and large-scale practices of big data
  • Emerging Topics
    • Sensor networks and Internet of Things
    • Networking and protocols
    • Smart City


  • Special Track on Real-time Big Data Services and Applications
    • Models, algorithms, and technologies for real-time big data services and applications
    • Experiences, practices and case studies of real-time big data services and applications
  • Special Track on Big Data Security, Privacy and Trust
    • Models, algorithms and technologies for big data security and integrity
    • Practical security and privacy technologies and applications for big data
  • Special Track on Big Data and analytics for Healthcare
    • Models, algorithms, and technologies of big data for healthcare
    • Big data services and applications for healthcare
    • Experiences, practices and case studies of big data technologies for healthcare
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